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Why IG Equipment!


Inventive Gas Equipment is a fast-growing Biogas and Power solution company

providing one stop solution for Biogas Equipment and Gensets with the intent of delivering highest quality of products and services at competitive prices and family-oriented commitment to customer service and satisfaction, through constant dedication to these principles IG Equipment has earned a glowing reputation as a specialist in the field of Biogas and Power generation technology. We believe in setting new standards of quality and perfection and is thus engaged in the manufacturing, supply and export of Bio-Gas conditioning, Bio-Gas Storage, Bio-Gas handling, Digester and Bio-Gas line safety Equipment. Holding valuable experience in Biogas field company has become synonymous with high quality products, which are always delivered on time.

01.Our Product Expertise

Our wide product range and technical expertise in the field of biogas equipment, and technological implementation have enabled the success of INVENTIVE GAS EQUIPMENT’s products in different fields, expanding beyond the sewage treatment project, industrial waste treatment, effluent treatment projects, Oil & Gas, Chemical, Food & Beverage, Sugar plants.

02.Quality without Compromise

Our products are characterized by one thing above all:
Quality. At every stage of our supply chain, from raw material to finished item, we work with established, word class suppliers and implement our own uncompromising quality control processes to ensue that our products perform better and last longer.

03.Customized Solutions

We’re unique because we don’t settle for ‘off the shelf’.
To enhance our product’s performance, every product is purpose built, providing greater strength, long life and trouble free operation. They are easy to operate and designed as per customer’s specific requirement.

04.Controlled by Customer

Every situation you may face is unique – so every product should be too.
We don’t simply hand you over a product and leave, we work with you to assess your needs and create the most suitable solution.
We provide our customer flexibility to operate these equipment as per their convenience subject to efficient operation and product’s life.

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