High- Efficiency Flaring Solution

IGE High Efficiency Gas Flare:

In addition to the power-heat cogeneration module and the biomethane treatment, each installation should have a gas flare solution. IGE offers manual and automatic flares in different sizes.
The proven industrial quality automatic flares operate to ensure safe and constant combustion in case of excess gas generation or continuously flaring of gas required. IGE flares are simplest and most economical solution for burning of different gases such as Biogas , natural gas, LPG, landfill gas, producer gas, syn gas.

The stainless-steel burner located inside the combustion chamber is equipped with a safety flame arrester.


  • Auto- Ignition System
  • Piot Burner Systems
  • PLC Based Control Panels

There are situations where more biogas is produced than it can be used for energy generation. This can happen due to extraordinarily high gas production rates or through breakdown/maintenance of the energy recovery system. In such cases, back up solutions are necessary, such as additional biogas storage or additional energy production systems. Storage of biogas is possible for short periods without compression, but for periods of more than a biogas for few hours it is generally no feasible due to the large volume. The additional energy production unit (i.e. a second CHP plant) is not economically feasible. For this reason, each biogas plant is equipped with a biogas flare.

Types of Flares:

Enclosed Flares

Open Flares

Elevated Flares

Producer Gas Flares

Mobile Flares

Open Eleveted Flare System

  • Aspirator burner design allows for high efficiency.
  • Fully automated operation
  • Continuous or intermittent pilot function that offer low fuel consumption.
  • Capital & Cost effective due to simple design and minimal maintenance.
  • Minimum start-up time at flare site.
  • Available in Derrick, Guy wired & Self Supported Structures.
  • Modular design allows for easy installation.
  • Flame arrestor to prevent flash-back.
  • Gas pilots and igniter for ignition of gas & air mixture.
  • Designed with safety in mind.
  • Advanced in-built safety systems.
  • Efficient, stable & reliable performance.
  • MOC as per compatibility

Enclosed Flares

  • IGE offers Enclosed smokeless flaring of waste gases in populated, tightly controlled, or small footprint plants.
  • Enclosed ground flares offer low emission operation and comply with strict emission regulations
  • Designed and staged to fully utilize the available pressure in the waste stream, our enclosed ground flare provides smokeless operation even when flaring hydrocarbon gases as heavy as butane.
  • Enclosed Ground Flares are equipped with a vertical combustion chamber designed to operate by natural air draft which can be used for gas, liquid or combined emergency combustion.
Application :Natural gas, Digester Biogas , Landfill Gas , LPG, Producer/Syn Gas, CBM gas, and other combustible gases can be eliminated with burning at ground level and a smokeless and invisible flame.