Membrane Type Gas Holders

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Membrane gas holders are the most flexible, economical, reliable and efficient biogas storage solution available in the market. The membrane gas holder is fundamental to the process of anaerobic digestion by ensuring supply of biogas availability for the rest of the plant to operate consistently and efficiently.

Inner membrane has a very high chemical resistance against the biogas effects and a very high gas leakage proof. Outer membrane material has a very high resistance to the atmospheric conditions.

We work with some european companies for our international standard fabric quality to design best gas storage solution. Gas holders reused for storing the biogas. The system has two membranes one within the other. Biogas is stored inside the inner membrane. Outer membrane protects the inner membrane from the external environmental conditions like rain, snow, wind, UV lights from the sun…etc. The form of the outer membrane is
stabled by blowing up with an ATEX certificated air blower.

Gas Holders Types

Double membrane gas holders have 2 types considering the applications;

  • Stand Alone Gas Holders: Especially used in waste water treatment plants, landfill areas and the plants where the gas preferred to be stored externally.
  • Gas Holder Dom: Generally used in animal farms for covering the digester roof and storing the biogas.


  • Inner gas membrane is independent of the outer membrane.
  • Airflow between the membrane is accurately controlled.
  • PVC-coated polyester fabric.
  • Access is available to inspect the inner membrane.
  • Gas detection equipment monitors the air between the membranes.
  • Air Fan with Flame proof motors
  • Fast Installations.


  • Constant pressure regulation .
  • Custom flow and size
  • Storage availability indicator
  • Custom design to fit your specific needs
  • High quality membrane fabrics.
  • High quality membrane fabrics.
  • H2S resistant
  • High UV resistant